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My practice has two distinct paths: in the first, sculptural works, I explore form on an intimate scale. Influences include a myriad of organic form, from the curve of a bone, minute details of plant life through to architecture. These influences are constant within my practice, leading to the exploration of form. They are subtle and sensuous and encourage exploration from all angles. Constructed with coils and slabs they are refined through a paring back of layers creating undulating tactile forms. The viewers experience can be enhanced through changing the orientation of the form, for example turning the pieces upside down or on their side introducing a new perspective, as they have no formal base.


The second is a new direction, in which I  explore photographic imagery through the use of ceramic decals. This new way of working was inspired by a trip to China and the large number of photographs taken while travelling. I wanted to give life to the images and share the richness of the experience. Utilising images gathered in Ireland over the years of local and personal landscapes, the postcards provide small snapshots in these collages. 

Recent work
Tina Byrne - Memories.jpg
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