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Ritual Series


Ritual explores the visual qualities of a beautiful Holy Well in Co. Clare, which I happened upon one day while exploring the west coast, the richness of which was too hard to resist.


A rag tree festooned with ribbons, beads, bracelets and other relics, hanging like the fuchsia it is surrounded by, droops over the well. Inside the grotto weathered and worn, the statues are adorned in string upon string of beads and miraculous medals like thick scarves. The Holy Well is a treasure trove of imagery, the statues, jostling for position, nestle closely together looking after visitors wishes and hopes while votives flicker in an alcove.

Utilising images gathered in Ireland over the years of local and personal landscapes, the postcards provide small snapshots in the form of these collages. This new way of working was inspired by a trip to China and the large amount of photographs I took while travelling. We often return from trips with photos, which end up on the computer to be looked at once in a blue moon. I wanted to give life to the images and share the richness of the experience. I equally have collected a lot of images of Ireland and these now inform this group of postcards.
Postcards from China
China was such a visual feast and I took so many photographs, of the architecture, food, warriors, people and markets. Often we return from trips and the photos stay on the computer, only to be looked at once in a blue moon. I wanted to give life to the images and share the richness of the experience, so have manipulated them to make decals and created a series of ‘Postcards from China’.
The postcards where developed for the 'Bricks in the Rain' exhibition which took place at Farmleigh Gallery, Phoenix Park, Dublin and travelled to several venues in Ireland. The opportunity to explore image on ceramic for the exhibition opened up a new way of working for me, which I really enjoyed! 
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